November 3, 2013

Operation Write Home - Sketch Challenge 197

Love Sketch Challenges from Operation Write Home. Working on "Yooper" cards today - so designed one using OWH's Sketch Challenge 197 - simple enough!

Here is my Yooper card (turned sideways from the original sketch).

Visit OWH to see other cards in the challenge - better yet, join the challenge!


  1. I recognized that right away The UP - I live downstate in the mitten Glad to see part of our state on a card.

  2. Yooper?! What is that? Pretty colors and patterns :)

  3. Go Yoopers!!! When we retire to the U.P. one day.. I'll be a transplant Yooper and I can't hardly wait. This caught my eye right away.. Thanks for sharing this. blessings ~ Pam

    *ps. Carol L. a Yooper is someone from the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan

  4. LOL! I like it!
    Jen, your WI neighbor

  5. LOL! Thanks, Ladies! I knew the shape would catch your eye if you're from way up 'dere! As well as questions like Carol - What's a Yooper? My sister recently moved to Neebish Island....we now refer to her as an "Islander." But I made Yooper "We've Moved" cards with a little jewel set off the U.P. as "the island."

  6. Great take on the sketch! Love the blue you chose and the white on white flowers are just beautiful!


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