June 30, 2013

Scraps - They're a Good Thing

Trying to clean up some scraps in my craft area these days...so here are just a few quick & easy cards made with leftover scraps from other projects.

June 26, 2013

June is Bustin' Out with Flowers - Blog Hop

Flowers are in bloom as the warm summer air dances lightly across the yards and fields, and this blog hop is all about flowers. Please join this creative bunch as they show off their creations with flowers.  Jearise from Lorby's World is our hostess; make sure you begin at her site and read carefully because she will have a give away going on with this hop.  All details are on her blog.  Now flower power away...

My flower cards are part of a birthday gift I made for my former secretary.  Her house was French Country as long as I've known her...and when I saw the Graphic 45 French Country cardstock, I just had to make something for her....so I sent her 30 handmade cards - to the gal who was "French Country" before French Country was cool!  Here are just some of the cards I made for her.  They really aren't "summer" flowers - but flowers I did cut!!!!!

My Favorite! 

June 23, 2013

Bird Cards

Hi Everyone,

Haven't posted in a few days, so thought I'd add these simple bird cards using images from Graphic 45's Place in Time.

June 19, 2013

Baby Girl's Dew-Drop Mobile - The Robin's Nest

Hi Everyone,

I feel like a giddy teenager every time I get to play with new products and my card turns out to be fun to make!  

Special Delivery Girl is another amazing new release.  I know you all can't do without both Special Delivery Girl and Special Delivery Boy.  Details?  For Baby Girl - Pink Swirl Paper, Pink Roses on Green Cardstock, Rose Vellum, Special Delivery Cardstock, Embellies, Stickers, More Stickers, Tags, Banner, and even Babies

This month, we are also featuring Diamond Dew Drops and partnering with Timeless Twine.  Be sure to visit each day this month, as the design team has once again outdone themselves and are bringing you projects that will take your creativity to the sky. Enjoy! 

For my project, I made a pop-out baby card.  

This crib card is a great way to welcome the new baby - to really surprise Mom & Dad, make the inside of the card a replica of Baby's Nursery.  Decorating this paper nursery is so much fun....I have here a "mirror" and "portrait" from Special Delivery stickers - but you can add shelves and windows.  Design the crib to be a replica of Baby's crib.  But beware!  You will have so much fun making this nursery, it might just take you nine months to make the card!  

A list of supplies and detailed instructions are provided below.

Supplies Used
As you can see, the card front is pretty standard.  The card itself (finished size - 5-1/2" x 5-1/2") is made from Pink Swirl Paper - with pink inside.  The card front is covered with white cardstock, then layered with Pink Swirl and Pink Roses on Green.  The Sweet Girl sticker (matted with white) is popped up - embellished with a baby on the lower left corner.  

Glittered Delicate Asters embellish the card as well - with Bubble Gum Pink & White Twine Flower Centers.  To make the flower centers, wrap twine in a continuous circle on a large glue dot - then transfer to the flower.  The flowers are accented with Kiwi Sorbet leaves and twine hanging from the flowers.  The card front was finished off with a Diamond Dew Drop border.

Now for the fun!  The card inside!  Note as you are making the card, you will first complete "flat" parts inside - then outside, then embellish the inside, then finish off the outside.  Remember to add the "bulky" items last to make it easier to add all other items.

So, I began by "wallpapering" the room - adding a 4-1/2" x 11" layer of Pink Roses on Green Cardstock - leaving the top and bottom "molding" in pink.   

I created a cutting file to cut the crib on my Cricut.  I used Sure Cuts a Lot - but this is an easy file to create using Cricut Craft Room - or to even cut with a craft knife.  Here is a picture of my workspace for cutting the file.

For the bumper pad, I used strips of Pink Swirl and Pink Roses on Green glued back to back.  I cut strips the length of each section of the crib - 3/4" high.  I glued the bumper pad at the bottom of the inside of the crib - pink side showing out - roses in.  

To add the crib to the card to pop out properly, put adhesive along the top and bottom edges of the two sides at the crib opening.  I like to use red tape for its strength.  Fold the crib in half.  Take the tape covering off ONE side and position your crib with edges right at the center of the card.  Close the card top to adhere to the crib.  Open the card....take the tape covering off the other side of the crib; close the card again. 
Voila!  Pop-out crib!

Now for the mobile!  Cut four strings of twine - generous (several inches) in length (easier to cut off later).  Using small glue dots, glue two Diamond Dew Drops together - with twine in between.  I find it easier to get the Dew Drops on there - then trim off any extra twine.  Do this for each of the twine strings.  

Cut four 1/4" wide strips of cardstock -  1-1/2" long.  Fold strips in half.  Place red tape on the back of each strip.  
Take the red tape covering off Strip #1.  Lay the twine near the end of the strip.  Take the red tape covering off Strip #2 - glue JUST ONE HALF of these two strip together - with the twine in between.  Now do the same for  the other end of Strip #2 and Strip #3 - then Strip #3 with Strip #4.  You will finish up doing the same thing for Strip #4 and Strip #1 - BUT FIRST add a generous length of string right at the intersection where  all the strips meet in the middle.  Make sure all the strips are securely glued together to hold that middle string.  

Trim the end strings at the TOP - and the center string at the BOTTOM. 

To fasten the mobile to the wall - Cut a strip of cardstock 1/4" x 2-1/2".  Fold in half - also fold each end out approximately 3/8".  Place red tape on the back.  Take the tape covering off and glue the top string of the mobile in between the two sides o
f the string right at the middle fold.  The end flaps are then glued to the card wall above the crib. 

 Hard part's finished!  Now have fun decorating the room.  I chose a couple of the Special Girl - Sweet Girl stickers.  One ornate oval that to me looks like a mirror - and one of a sweet girl "portrait - matted in black to offset the "mirror."  Some more Delicate Asters, Diamond Dew Drops across the "moldings", and big Bubble Gum Pink & White Twine bow at the head of the crib.  I finished the room off with a baby blanket (included in the Baby Girls package), a teddy bear, and a baby doll from the Baby Girls package.  While this card is a bit time intensive - it is the perfect card for a baby shower. Can't be at the baby shower - make the card 12" x 12" - and the new Mommy will know for sure she is in your thoughts.

This post is bittersweet - as this is my last design post for The Robin's Nest - for now at least.  Perhaps when my life slows down again, I'll be back.  :D  But I do want to thank Rachel for having me share what I enjoy for the past six months, Terri for being an amazing and supportive team leader, and all the designers for sharing your ideas and assistance....I felt privileged to be included in a group of such talented crafters!  But continue to play with Robin's Nest products, I will - so watch The Robin's Nest Facebook page - I'll share any new ideas I have!  Thanks, All!

June 15, 2013

Tsunami Rose's Challenge Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week. It's been a while since I've had time to participate in blogs and challenges...but since I was brain dead with card ideas, the Tsunami Rose Designs Sketch Challenge was perfect timing to kill two birds with one stone....great sketch idea and making it easy for me to participate.

Here is their sketch...

and here is my entry.

If you have a few minutes, join us in the fun at Tsunami Rose Designs.  If nothing else, hop the links for some fun ideas.