October 20, 2015

Fabulous New Knee

My hubby got a new knee this morning.  This evening he called me from the hospital asking if I was working on his Get Well card.  Well - I wasn't....lol!  But did get to work...pretty tired - so needed something quick and easy!  I couldn't wait to show you what I came up with!

Some little pop-up "surgery" tools inside - and before they take him in to surgery, they mark the spot where surgery is going to happen....thus, my x's and o's. 


  1. Fabulous card Camille! Mind you, the drill made me cringe a wee bit - and I'm a nurse ... lol! Hope he progresses well. Christine x

  2. Ouch! Fun card. Hope he gets well fast. BL

  3. Love your card!! Love the embossing and love the pop ups inside the card.
    Sorry to hear about your dh and hope he has a quick recovery!


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