September 9, 2016

Out of Yellow Ink

Maybe next time your printer runs out of colored ink, you can just keep printing - why not?  I'm treating myself to a new 12 x 12 printer - but had a stock of ink for my current printer.  So I decided I'd run this ink dry before investing in the new printer.  This was a fun thing - the flowers on today's cards are the same as the flower on yesterday's the meantime, I ran out of yellow ink - so instead of the vibrant yellow and orange flower, I have these pretty pink and white flowers.  A true scrapper never lets anything go to waste - therefore, these faded flowers needed a home on this pet sympathy card.  Think twice about replacing your ink cartridges too soon - maybe you'll end up with something completely different from what you expected.

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  1. This is a great card and those flowers are adorable! BL


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