January 28, 2017

Ready to Shake for Groundhog's Day

Hi!  I am sharing a card for Groundhog's Day.  In my younger, wilder days - a friend and I turned Groundhog's Day into a special holiday of celebration.  30+ years later, we now live thousands of miles apart - yet we always take this one day of the year to reconnect.  This is the card I'm sending this year - loving it so much, think my grandkids each need one, too.

Inside, Phil is on a homemade wobble.  I decided on this design last night and realized I don't have any Wobbles left (or better yet, just can't be found)...a frantic search for Wobbles left me receiving them a good week or two after Groundhog's Day.  Gotta love You Tube - found a video for homemade Wobbles - now why didn't I think of that?  Here's Phil in action.

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  1. This is so cute and what a cool tradition for you and your friend!


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