February 25, 2017

Family Layout Using Father's Day Fun and Keep It Reel

If you follow my blog, you know that I'm working on four family scrapbooks for my in-laws.  So I use the same sets of photos four times - each layout different to conquer boredom.  Have to admit, I hate it when I get it RIGHT on the 4th layout!  LOL!  But these fish embellishments I found this weekend are so perfect for photos of my one brother-in-law - and this is one layout I truly enjoyed.  I so want to make a whole fish scrapbook for someone now  My grandchildren don't fish (or should I say their fathers don't fish) - wonder if anyone would notice if I just did every layout for their books with a fishing pole in the kids' hands and a fish or two on the hook for every page.  LOL!

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