August 5, 2012

What Will This Be?

Did a little more work on the project last strategy keeps changing...but still excited to see the final product.  Remember...$10 gift card in it for ya!  And the answer has multiple parts!

Had a little bit of time to return to my big project...Here's what I accomplished today...any new guesses?

Okay, I am finally beginning a project I have been talking about for years!  It'll be slow...but I have this vision...and am anxious to see how it plays out myself!  There's a $10 Gift Certificate to AZ Scrapbooking out there for the person who guesses specifically what the end product will be - Let's make this more fun and include my non-scrappin' and non-Arizonan friends - Gift Card to AZ Scrapbooking or Starbucks - your choice!  Here is my first hour of work - What do ya think?

Want a hint, you say?  I actually gave a hint about a month ago on Facebook.  Were you paying attention?

I'll be posting more pictures as I work on my project...but only the first person who guesses wins. Well, are you guessin'?


  1. WHY Camille you shouldn't it my Christmas present? Tee hee, I have no clue!

  2. Okay, how about a Christmas album!

  3. We've interacted on the Scrapbook Soup page so, I may have missed your clue. But I would guess that you're making a box or a lined envelope.


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