September 30, 2012

Flip Flop Cards

It's fall everywhere - we noticed today that we need to run the shower a few minutes to let the water warm up.  But no fall clothes for me in Sunny Sahuarita!  I'm known to wear flip flops year round.  I saw a cute flip-flop card the other day, and thought they'd be a quick card to make.  Even better...a while back I bought a set of stamps that I never really found a good use for....Voila!  They make great embellishments for the top of my flip flops!  Here are just a few samples of some flip-flop cards I made with scraps hanging around.  Love the "abstract" flip-flop shape I found online to sue as a template...but the more I make, I'm thinking a great goddess body!  But not tonight . . . LOL!

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