September 1, 2012

Fan of Elizabeth Craft Designs and Glitter Ritz

Today's project - more glitter - more stickers - and more fun!

Loving Elizabeth Craft Designs fan stickers (these are the same stickers used in yesterday's dresses)...but I'm playing with scraps and trying different not real happy with all my finished projects.  Loving the red and black...

Here are others, but they still need a bit of the fans, but need to make better use of them as embellishments.  

All fans are glittered with Glitter Ritz...hard to tell in the pics.  Just received a tabletop photo light box...but obviously need to learn more about using it.  Not much information online - only thing I've learned is that professional photographers don't make good instructors!  You'd think with all that equipment they own, there'd be lots of visuals...wrong, most just talk and tell you what they plan to talk about rather than show!  

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