October 7, 2012

Mass Producing Cards

Hi all! This week you've noticed my cards have had a Southwestern theme that I've been making for a possible new client.  I've been making about ten cards a day, and I've wanted to create cards that are different - but fast and easy.   Here are some tips for producing mass-producible cards shared by Kristina Werner in her blog well over a year ago:  
  • Use small amounts of patterned paper. Combine them to create a larger patterned paper area.
  • Consider using stamps and ink for texture and the card sentiment. It is an economical way to stretch supplies because the only consumable supply is the cardstock, and you can use the stamp over and over.
  • Instead of stickers or items that do not come in multiples, try using punches to create interest.
For my cards, I've been using scraps and most have been a couple rectangles layered - sometimes centered, often not centered.  Then add a Southwestern stamp.  And if it needs punch, add embossing.
Here are a couple cards from today's efforts.


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