December 8, 2012

Heartfelt Gratitude

Now that the Holidays are officially here, why not start thinking of how you will thank Santa for everything he brings you!  Acknowledge those special gifts with Heartfelt Gratitude - Center-Step cards featuring flowers from Heartfelt Creations.

Now I've made my share of Center-Step cards....and always need to go online to refresh my memory about the measurements.  This time, though, I made the first card and realized it was much bigger than the anticipated 5-1/2" x 4-1/4"!  Voila!  I never thought of making any size other than the standard size!  So what I really had fun with in making these cards is making them three different sizes.  Two of them are the standard size - but orientations are different....the other card finishes out to be 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" square.

These cards did not turn out the least bit the way I envisioned...have to admit the images in my mind are gorgeous...but they still will show any gift giver true appreciation for their generosity!

Sentiment from

I lost the name of the site that
provided me with this sentiment....if you know
where this word art came from, please let
me know so that I can give due credit.
Sentiment from

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