December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas, Sun Tran

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is upon us.  I've been helping my diabetic husband resist all the Christmas treats by devouring them before he even sees them...he will be seeing them in the form of a couple added pounds!

Down to business: Put the stamp on the 100th handmade card this year - not to mention another 20-30 for my customers.  Not five minutes later, my hubby called asking for 24 cards for his supervisors.  Using those as an excuse to get out of any housecleaning, I was able to finish all those in one day.  All I had left was a few special cards for my husband's drivers and General Manager....Saved the best for last!

How convenient that the only paper I had left was blue - and with some silver embossing - works for the company colors!  But here's the real treat!  Santa and Rudolph waiting for a (pop-up, of course) Sun Tran bus!  Hope the drivers enjoy this - along with some yummy cupcakes!  

God Bless and keep you and yours, Camille

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