February 12, 2014

Valentine Talk

Jearise at Lorby's World devotes her blog to projects to help others.  I had a wonderful time creating this card to include in her hope to bring cheer to veterans in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We sent cards to the Grand Rapids Veteran's home.  This is the card I sent (just no time to do more, unfortunately).

Join us at Lorby's World of Caring Facebook Page to be included in future random acts of kindness.  Nice of Jearise to do all the leg work of selecting those in need, getting all the details down, then inviting us to just do what we enjoy most - making cards that bring smiles to faces of others...she doesn't quit there.....she finds challenges for us to join with our cards...and also promotes them on her own blog.  Thanks, Jearise - great idea!

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  1. What a lovely card and a great idea for the veterans


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