May 3, 2014

Celebrate National Scrapbooking Day

National Scrapbooking Day was May 2?!?!??!?  Ooops...missed it.  LOL!  But I thought for sure it was always on a Saturday!  So here we are, with National Scrapbooking Day upon us (okay behind us) - I feel this special day should be spent in celebration of paper!  Whether you're making a scrapbook, card, or other papercraft project, I welcome you to my blog for another day with a little inspiration.  I do swear I have a limitless pile of paper that I am always attempting to dwindle - but little of my paper will find its way to a landfill before being embellished with flowers, butterflies, and glitter that transforms paper into beautiful and functional works of art and a small gift for someone special.

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