April 22, 2017

Notepad Holder with Dreamy Creamy We Are 3 Collection

Happy Saturday!  When I first saw the Dreamy Creamy Collection, I couldn't help but fall in love with the Dreamy Butterfly Overlay.  I knew I wanted to play to see how I can use that overlay to fit a project just perfectly.   I chose the latest free file from Dreaming Tree - Notepad Holder.  Wanted more control as to where my butterflies landed, so played around with Print2Cut feature on my eClips - sized the paper and the butterflies - then moved my svg file around the butterflies to get them to print and cut in just the right spot.  Voila!  I love how it looks so much, on my way to make a few more for Mother's Day gifts.  Think next I will try to resize the file to hold some of my cards - then make them to match.  Be watching for them!

Afterthough!  Trying to think of what I will put in the container for Mother's Day - my kids are not card senders, so cards would not be appreciated.  My afterthought is fill it with my own created notepaper to match with butterflies.  Can't wait to play!

We Are 3© Digital Paper - Dreamy Creamy Collection. Includes 1 PNG file shown plus all 7 sheets per collection. But  you actually end up getting 14! See details.


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