June 15, 2012

Two-Minute Card

Need some cards fast (as usual every month when I need to restock my inventory!).  Had some silver gray vellum that needs to be used up...and wanting to get more familiar with my Piccolo Enamel Powders.  This card is one of those treasures I just need to share!  Not really having a plan, as soon as I did the background in Temple Stone Enamel Powder...I had a two-minute treasure!

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but this turned out to be a terrific - not to mention fast and easy - card!  The background is that silver fray vellum I want to get rid of (and I seldom throw anything away!)  I used a brushmark background stamp - embossed with Piccolo Temple Stone.  I embossed the butterfly with Piccolo Gilded Rose Gold.  See in this next picture how the gold butterfly picks up gold specks in the Temple Stone background.  

And it took all of two minutes!  Need to be making a few of these...and I'm sure I can get it down to one minute!  Quick, easy, gorgeous card!

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