September 8, 2014

Football Thank You

Today I received my first gift for Grandparents' Day - from my three-month-old grandson.  In true cardmaker fashion, I want my grandsons to appreciate gratitude - and no better time to start than to send a thank you for my first gift.  

We don't live near Adrian, so mostly know him only through photos and Skype.  In our daily photo sent to all Grandma's, there is a running joke about his watching football - and the debate of his behavior during a football game determining whether he is a Steelers fan or a Lions fan.  So joining in the fun, I made him a shaped thank-you card - with a little Steeler embellishment and a little Lion embellishment.  The card was easy to make - I began with a freebie Thank-You Caption from  I added both a Steelers Logo and Lions Logo.

This card is really a versatile idea and certainly not just for thank you or football!  Fun team embellishments are great for any card scrappin'.

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