August 23, 2015

Fabulous Wedding and Striking Couple

Yesterday was a most excellent day!  I had the chance to celebrate with cousins Judy and Frank - aka the wedding couple.

Here is my wedding card.  Since this is a second marriage for both, I took a small step away from tradition of elegance and made a funky cell phone with a text screen for their wedding card.  You see, this marriage almost didn't happen because Frank was texting more than calling in the beginning - their first date almost didn't happen!  So I decided to have some fun and remind Judy in her wedding card a little of how their relationship progressed - through texts.  


  1. What a fun card! I'm sure the happy couple were delighted with this very personal card! Christine x

  2. How totally fun! Yesterday must have been a big day for weddings. I was at one and have just come from another blog where the gal had two to attend. What a creative idea for the card! I'll bet they loved it! So totally different! BL


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