October 30, 2016

Spongebob Fan

Welcome to my grandson's Spongebob scrapbook!  So happy to have you stop by.

When I think of my youngest grandson, I think of him bringing me the remote control to turn on Spongebob or The Regular Show.  I wanted to incorporate those characters in his next scrapbook.

This was a simple and quick layout to make.  You can easily change the theme by swapping out the Spongebob paper I used for the background and changing the colors.  I used digital papers Spongebob and Patrick (Below Blink).  I wish I could share photos - you'll just have to imagine the cutest little kid playing in his sandbox, sliding down the stairs, working in his "office," swinging in his swing, playing his piano, catching bubbles, and climbing the furniture - just a day in the life of a two-year old.

Thanks for coming to visit.

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