April 18, 2016

More Fun with Doodle Pantry's Bird

How about a cute and happy bird to brighten your week?  Doodle Pantry has you covered!  This card, inspired both by Kittie747's Chickadees and Evergreen - and Simply Create Too's Challenge #107 (Use Stitching).  My version's elegance is far from that of Kitte's - but this bird is just so fun!


  1. Such a cute and friendly birdie. Loving the autumn hues.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. hi camille. absolutely adorable card. thanks for your story. i totally relate. i have an artificial RIGHT hip. i'm surprised it's lasted this long - 19 years when they told me 10-15 yrs. no issues on the right leg tho i've often heard the right side of the body controls the left side and vice-versa. however, i do have circulatory problems with my left leg which i've had most of my life. i'm so glad you finally found relief!

    have a fabulous week.

    hugs :)


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