April 1, 2016

Tulle Cards

My hubby brought me flowers for Easter - how sweet.  But even better - these flowers were wrapped in a huge piece of fabulous glittery tulle!  Today I'm sharing several cards I made using the tulle.  I love the textures!

For the first card, I used the glitter technique - using the tulle as a stencil.
For the second card, I glued the tulle on top of the card base for a textured background.
 I did the same for the next card - but glued the green tulle on pink cardstock.
 And just a fun bowtie for this little fellow!
 For the last card, I glued the tulle onto a cactus die cut - then embossed the cactus.
I have loads of tulle left - that was quite the haul.  Think I'll be saving the rest for some Christmas cards!


  1. your rocking the cards.. super cute... BL

  2. These tulle cards are fabulous! BL

  3. Love these tulle inspired cards, very creative! Just stopping by from the Bloggie Love Facebook group to say hi!
    Hugs Elina BL


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