April 26, 2016

Taguled Neebish

Pretty much each morning I have my plans for what cards I need/want to make - and check out a few challenges for both ideas and to see how I can tweek my cards to meet the challenge.  I loved it when I checked out Challenge #338 at the Little Red Wagon with the theme "Text Me."  The card must include text other than the sentiment.  It's the perfect challenge for what I had already planned for today's make - Neebish Island cards.  I used Tagul to insert text to the shape of the island - with words that describe this paradise.

This is what the card looks like closed and ready to mail.
This is a cut-apart card - so when the card is standing, it looks like this.
Here is a close up of the Taguled island.
Unfortunately, life got in the way - I just finished the card - and the challenge closed today before I got to post it.  Hah!  My life story!


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