July 9, 2014

Sincere Sympathy

My young niece lost her father last week in a tragic accident.  I wanted to give her something to use as a sort of memory box - I turned to my little sister for ideas (as she has the biggest heart in the world!)  She gave me ideas her church uses when children lose their parents...she also wrote a short poem to help explain to my niece why I'm sending the box.  I personalized it - the items I included are a globe-framed picture of her and her dad in happier times, a small pack of tissue imprinted with "Bless You," a journal for writing (embellished to match the box and frame) and pens, a small watercolor pad (front cover embellished to match the box, frame, and journal), watercolor pencils, and aqua pens, and just filled the rest with mints.  I'm very pleased with the finished box (even though I measured the drawer incorrectly).  I also embellished the poem to coordinate.  

Here is the poem:

There's no doubt your dad loved you.
This picture tells no lies.
So, when you're sad and lonely,
Just look into his eyes.

Life can be so hard at times.
You'll have questions such as "Why?”
So, as you try to understand,
Here's tissue when you cry.

There is no one to blame for this.
There's nothing you can do.
These journals – for your thoughts and drawings –
Will help to get you through.

Going down this unknown road,
You're apt to feel so stressed.
Remember to take care of YOU,
and God will do the rest.

Look at the stars that shine each night.
There's one meant just for you.
Your dad . . . He's smiling down right now.
Always there to see you through.

Written by Lori Miller

Here are the cards I made for my niece and her mother.

The cardstock I used is from a Christmas paper pack I bought to make a Christmas frame for a friend.  Leftovers were not only great for this occasion, but were used to make a wedding card, as well.  Very versatile paper pack!

I also needed another sympathy card for a friend at work who recently lost her mother....so with paper handy, I added that to my list.

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