May 22, 2017

For Old Time's Sake

While cleaning out my craft room a while back, I came across the very first scrapbook layout I made about 12 years ago.  My dear hubby was under the impression I wanted to scrapbook, so surprised me with about $300 of supplies....the surprise was that I thought that was a rather stupid hobby!  The big surprise came later....since we were newlyweds and in a way he was "listening" to me (i used to make a lot of sarcastic remarks about wanting to retire and scrapbook), I didn't want to hurt his feelings and decided to take some classes.  OMG - it didn't take long for my excitement level to rise during these introductory classes!

So I found my first layout - and since the aim of cleaning was to get rid of stuff, I pondered what to do with this first layout.  I decided to case the layout for each of my grandson's scrapbooks.  This is my first case.

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  1. So fun to find those "old layouts" and use them! This is a fun one! BL


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